Cloud Services in Botswana

Small-business owners are often overwhelmed with new technology and tech purchasing decisions. As a result, they tend to take a conservative approach. Read on to learn about how emerging technology is changing the game with cloud computing.

Whats is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is essentially internet-based compute, storage and database services which can be accessible from any part of the globe. Most data is stored and processed online nowadays. We call it cloud technologies.


More and more people would like to be able to access their work data with any device from anywhere and any time.

At VGBots, our goal is to mobilize the workforce. The cloud happens to be a perfect solution for your employees to work just as productively outside the office as they do inside. This increase greater productivity which equals to greater profitability.

Reduced costs

A few number of small business owners in Botswana trust cloud tech, with more than half still manage valuable data with email and spreadsheets. But cloud services can help owners leapfrog competition while saving time and money since parts of your infrastructure are virtualized and hosted offsite. With virtualized infrastructure, you save on office space and the time costs maintenance and upgrades.

Scalability for future growth

Cloud technologies and on-premise models are often confusing to understand. Although their deployment approaches are similar, they have some substantial differences. Cloud computing is highly flexible. Instead of investing in server hardware which may end up not being used in the future and taking up office space, with virtualized resources like cloud services, you only use more or less of what you need. You only pay for the CPU credit, storage and bandwidth during that particular period in use – broken down to hours even minutes.

Wrapping up, cloud computing technology can boast of:

  • Affordable price;
  • Full control of an app;
  • High flexibility.
  • Integrated approach;
  • No need to maintain;
  • Guaranteed quality.