Docker: How we ship software

At VGBots we use a lot of new tech aimed at simplifying development tasks and operations. In the last few years, amazing technology have emerged that have become the standard tools used by a wide spectrum of developers from front-end developers to back-end developers.

The latest in this new assault of high-tech tools is Docker. Docker aims to largely simplify the way we package and ship software using two simple commands, docker build and docker run.

Even without the same level of experience as the big boys and little knowledge of virtualization, Docker allows you to easily distributed your web app onto a testing environment, staging and finally production.

This is possible because of Images and Containers. Container technology has been around for a long time in Linux but it has recently become the latest buzz word thanks to Docker.

The startup behind Docker has recently finished rounds of Series funding from a group of investors. Big players in the cloud platform have also shown their support with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google showing interest in the container technology.

Docker’s main features emphasize on build once and deploy anywhere. Docker images consist of instructions on how to automate the build process so that you won’t have to do the same things each time you deploy to a server. You simply hit `docker build` and Docker takes care of everything.

With Docker, you can be confident that the image you build in the first stage of your pipeline will operate correctly in production.