Hubble turns 25

At VGBots we not only love coding but also everything science and tech. The Hubble has been the dream of astronomers for many years. It orbits at about 560 km above earth. Each person that has ever looked up in the night sky is an amateur astronomer. Even ancient cavemen used to look up in awe and amazement as they contemplated their place in the universe.

Up until 25 years ago, we never had any instrument that could deliver the first real pictures of the universe in extraordinary detail. The science-fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke in his book *Exploration in Space*, described a near future of a possible telescope in orbit around Earth, high above the tremors of our planet’s atmosphere, where it can peer with unprecedented clarity and precision at remote stars and galaxies. Today we have such an instrument.


It was among a few science fiction novels that really inspired early generations of modern astronomers. The other was *Dune* by Frank Herbert, arguably one of the best science fiction novels that changed the world.

Living in Africa, it is not yet possible for one to visit a local planetarium and get behind a telescope because there are none, at least not in Botswana. But thanks to internet, the pictures taken by Hubble are available to any kid with an internet connection and a curiosity for science.