Whether you want our experts to build it for you or you plan to do it yourself, our web solutions include everything you need to grow your business online.

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What we offer

  • Are you launching a business or service?
  • Do you need a new website fast?
  • Having to deal with bad and expensive hosting providers?
  • Are you tired of your old website?
  • Business is struggling with technical difficulty? or simply struggling to manage your employees’ email accounts?
  • We design a professional website for you. Customized copy, professional design and a search optimized website.
  • Your website goes live with real-time tracking! We publish your website and track all activity through Google™ Analytics, call us and we’ll make changes for you each month.
  • We put your website in all the places customers go online. Your business receives monthly marketing to put you in hundreds of listings including: Google™, Yahoo®, Bing™, Facebook Places, and many more!
  • Industry Solutions. Whether you are a dentist, plumber, real estate agent, or automobile dealer, our tailor made solutions will guarantee increased production and save you time & money.

Website Built for FREE

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* The “Website Built for Free” offer has no upfront charges for the building of the website, after which ongoing website maintenance, hosting, advertising and other service fees shall apply. This offer is available for new purchases of Custom Website by VGBots.com only. Please note domain names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis.