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ITEC/Copiers Botswana

Copiers (Trading As ITEC) is one of the largest 100% citizen-owned company that offers a wide range of printing, copying machines and multi-function devices for any type of business.


When we approached ITEC, they needed an agency that could help take their incredible content and showcase their products on the internet. Their advertising efforts were mainly through paper-based mediums and traditional media outlets for information dissemination. We were eager to create something amazing for a digital audience.


Each project comes with its own challenges and for ITEC they had a reasonably wide range of products that relied on visual presentation. Their products consist of over 40 printers and multi-functions devices for the office space and each product has its own assets in the form of pictures and printable brochures in PDF format. Our expertise on how to host and deliver this content to visitors in a webpage format was paramount. We had to handle image resizing for small (smartphones), medium (tablets) and large (desktop), each size corresponds to the visitor’s screen size. Optimization and performance are the difference between a great user experience and a frustrating one. The end result was a beautiful experience for them and the end user alike.

Northern Fixtures

Northern Fixtures is one of the leading office stationery and office equipment company based in Gaborone.


There are many “non-design” aspects of constructing a website that are often overlooked such as security, performance and search optimization. The latter makes the scope for this project.


We worked closely with Northern Fixtures and their marketing team to ensure all pieces come together. Using the most current standards-compliant SEO strategies, we helped our client maximize their website’s conversion and bring home results. A tactical approach of “pay-per-click advertising” has the potential to reach a broad-to-exact audience and can be fine-tuned to specific geographic locales, languages, regions, and distances from your business. Together with our client, we developed a search engine marketing strategy for achieving this goal and maximizing the effect based on their budget.

Diamond City Concerts presents Wizkid

Diamond City Concerts was a 2017 musical performance set to host two of Nigeria’s music heavyweights in WizKid and Burna Boy.


This was our first project in the event space so we were excited to create a landing page for the organizers to showcase their ensemble line-up of musical performances including Scar, Team Distant, Ban T, Luzkat & Drak, Amo Ski Mask, Mlesho, Dj Cudy, Ricky Lamar, Dj Cupid, Chrispin Tha Drummer, Dj Nt Base, Dj Phouboy, Dj Bino, Mr Yummy, Groovy Soul, Dj Anthem, Strictly House Bond, Dj Tosh, Unanimous 1, Dark Boy Massie, Ndox and De ja Vu.


The website was to be accessed by an international audience from across South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and all the way to Nigeria, so we had the task of creating a stunning design fit for international standards. As a general rule of thumb, and not to get all meta on you here, but as a guy in charge of strategy, the process may seem similar from firm to firm, but it’s about what’s behind each phase that matters. Over many years, we have tweaked and re-tweaked our approach. We have refined a system that gets results.

Green Card Diary

Green Card Diary is a manufacturer of Eco-Friendly customisable diaries and calendars. Their factories are based in Gaborone, Botswana.


Green Card Diary products are widely adopted by many companies, both locally and internationally.  They are praised for their sleek designs and customisable diaries, so they needed a website to showcase their outstanding wide range of products.


A lot of businesses don’t know how great it is to have a website, or why they should use a website for business, so in this project we had the opportunity to demonstrate how a website for business can be used as a lead generation tool as well as for customer support. Content Management Systems are easy to use, super powerful and you can do just about anything with it.

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